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The Velocity summer camp was developed at the request of parents wanting an alternative to daycare environments. Our program is designed to keep kids active, safe and focused while learning important life skills and building confidence. This is a martial arts program and will include sparring and other contact sports and games. Velocity offers four week-long camps throughout the summer, all with a different themed geared towards the kids learning different skills.

Sure, typical Summer Camps will keep your kids busy. But don’t they deserve more?


Bored Kids

With kids out of school for the summer months, keeping them entertained can be a challenge. Juggling household responsibilities and work is difficult enough during the school year, the kids' extra down time in the summer can cause a new level of stress.

Finding a safe and reliable summer camp program can be a difficult task for parents. It's not always easy to find a well-rounded program that keeps kids active and engaged, while remaining attentive to safety.

Summertime doesn't have to be a boring time for the kids, and a busy time for Mom & Dad!

Our Summer Camps Are Packed With Fun Activities!

Our martial arts classes are taught by Black Belt Instructors! Each week we will focus on different themes plus arts & crafts that will spark your child's imagination, and plenty of free time to make friends and build social skills.

Break Boards

Break Boards

Learn Martial Arts Moves

Learn Martial Arts Moves

Friendsake Friends

Make Friends!

Summer Camps Begin
July every year.  

The Velocity summer camp was developed at the request of parents wanting an alternative to daycare environments. Our program is designed to keep kids active, safe and focused while learning important life skills and building confidence. This is a martial arts program and  will include sparring and other contact sports and games.  Velocity offers four week-long camps throughout the summer, all with a different themed geared towards the kids learning different skills.

Summertime is fun time but it can also be learning time at our martial arts summer camp.

Your kids will enjoy games, projects, outings, plus the life enriching skills of self-confidence, respect, self-control, and friendship.

Your kids will return to school with the skills to succeed and great memories of a fun summer camp they will never forget.

Thousands of families have attributed our martial arts summer program with their child:

• Earning better grades
• Experiencing higher self-esteem
• Developing personal  discipline
• Learning how to set and achieve goals
• Making new friends



Students will receive a Taekwondo uniform & will be required to keep uniform clean & will wear it everyday.

Students must pack a healthy lunch and bring a water bottle each day.

All children MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate.

Go from this...

... to this!

Here are 6 reasons why our Martial Arts Program is
more exciting, rewarding and healthy for your child:

Strong Role Models

#1 Strong Role Models

Our staff of martial arts instructors lead by example and are some of the most positive and trustworthy role models to influence and nurture the healthy development of your child’s character.

Leadership and Team Work

#2 Leadership and Teamwork

Your child will participate in activities that teach how to contribute and lead in a team environment so they can grow into a well-rounded young adult.

Discipline and Respect

#3 Discipline and Respect

Our caring staff of instructors will instill the qualities of discipline and respect that have been rooted in martial arts for thousands of years.

Goal-Setting & Achievement

#4 Goal-Setting & Achievement

Let your child experience the often forgotten art of setting and achieving goals—a habit required to succeed in school and in life.

Physical & Verbal Self-Expression

#5 Physical & Verbal Self-Expression

Through martial arts and other activities, your child will gain confidence, strength and communication skills that are hard to find at typical Summer Camps.

Fun with a Greater Purpose

#6 Fun with a Greater Purpose

While your child is having a blast, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that we’re helping your child become the best person they can be.

What to Bring

What to Bring

Students are required to bring lunch and snacks, plus a water bottle. We want all of the students to bring healthy foods and snacks. We will provide a list of foods or snacks that are not appropriate to bring. Teaching children to eat healthy is very important and we will enforce this requirement.


Students need to pack swim attire every day in case we decide to go to the beach because of hot weather.


Camp Dates

Camp Dates

July Camp runs from June 25th - July 31st with the exception of July 2-6 when we will be closed. August Camp runs from August 1st-31st. 

Ninja Warrior Camp: July 9th - 13th & August 6th - 10th
Ninja Camp: July 16th - 20th
Taekwondo Fitness & Sparring Camp:  August 20th - 24th


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Camp Fees

Monthly Camp

1 Student: $750 | 2 Students: $1400 | 3 Students: $2000

Weekly Camp*

1 Student: $225 | 2 Students: $400 | 3 Students: $600

Specialty Camp Weeks

(Ninja Camp, Ninja Warrior Camp and Taekwondo Fitness Camp)

$325 each student

Instructor Dave and instructor Danielle, together with the rest of the staff, have provided such an effective and fun environment for our 8 year old girl. She, not only has built skills in the art of taekwondo, but has also become fitter and more confident. Thank You, Velocity!!

Shakuntala Sanders


My kids just finished August summer camp here and they had so much fun! Thank you for offering such a great way for them to get in shape. The field trips to the beach and hiking, the arcade, the instructors, it was just the best experience for my kids. Thank you so much!

Ida Lim


Frequently Asked Questions

Please enter your contact info in the form above and one of our staff members will contact you with additional info. You can also contact the school directly in the numbers provided in your confirmation email.

Our martial arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a playful, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - the kids have a blast and our instructors do too.

Absolutely not! We have classes for all ability levels and no previous experience is required. More experienced members help new ones, and we make sure that everyone feels right at home on their first day of class.

Even though we practice self-defense moves and we do practice some sparring drills, your child will not be "fighting" anyone or getting hurt. Of course there is always potential for injury with any sports activity, however, our instructors take great care to make sure everyone practices at their own pace without getting injured.

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