Infinite Fitness



If you wish to work on your fitness, this is the place to be. We have an open gym concept where you can follow our workout schedule or use your own workouts.

If you are an experienced fitness buff you just need to show us your proficiency in your workouts to start on your own. If you are inexperienced you will start with our beginner program which will have you working with our onsite personal trainer for the first month, 3 days a week. We will teach you the basics of working out safely and efficiently while attaining your fitness goals.


All of our programs have a Quick Start program fee of $49.00 for 1 month of unlimited training.

Regular gym fees start at $70.00 per month plus tax

Beginner fee for 1st month is $250.00 plus tax (with personal trainer)

Personal training from a certified trainer starts at $45.00 per hour plus tax.

See us for multiple program discounts and multi family discounts.

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